As an ambitious and hard-working individual, I am often recognized for my commitment and ability. I handle multiple tasks on a daily basis competently, working well under the pressure. Frequent acknowledgment of my contribution from senior management illustrates my potential.


Technical Skills

"A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor"

Hybrid Mobile App Development
Develop hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS using Phonegap/Cordova, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSON, Canvas, etc. for front end and MVC framework in .NET for backend
Web Application Development
Develop interactive web applications for online assessment, CMS, online learning using HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, ASP pages, Bootstrap, etc. for front end and MVC framework or ASP pages gridview or repeaters for backend.
Backend Development
Develop backend for applications for interaction with database and business logics using MVC framework of .NET, ASP pages with gridview and repeaters, etc. Develop complex stored procedures and queries for database CRUD operations
Deployment & Hosting
Deployment and hosting the application to go live over azure cloud and IIS configurations for websites, web services and applications.
Technical Documentation
Prepare Business Requirement Document, application business logic flow presentation, Wireframes for the concepts of applications, Document Manual describing Application for client, Database migration documents, Use cases and bugs document for Testing.
Problem Solving & Logic Building
Build complex and optimised logic for the modules of the application. Find optimal solution for the problems faced during development. Algorithm and flow- chart building for complex modules.

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